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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Daily Bazaars in Delhi

Continuing to the Daily Bazaars in Delhi named on the day itself.
Delhi is national capital and an international city and we are planning to make it a smart city. So do we want to see these markets in smart city?
At first, a thought comes in mind that can these markets be removed from streets of Delhi completely seeing their presence in Delhi? But I think this can be done with proper planning and execution.

Flintobox IN

When I start writing this article, Sulabh Toilets came to my mind how these guys have spread their business.
Why Delhi government can’t open shops like for e.g., Safal stores in every locality. Think about Amma Canteen.

Government can buy directly from farmers and get transported to each and every store.

When Delhi Government opens such stores, the main opposition will come from these small sellers only. So we need to recruit those guys who are now selling in these markets and whose earning will be impacted by this Govt scheme.
With proper execution these markets can be phased out in next 4-5 years and that would be a great achievement.

We can survey the daily markets in 2-3 localities. We have to cover every bit so that during implementation we don’t miss anything.
Survey can be done covering:
  • ·         Number of sellers
  • ·         Earning per seller per day
  • ·         Number of days they are selling
  • ·         Supply chain

We need to take minimum of 500 sq ft. in every locality and will store vegetables and fruits. For every store we’ll hire 4-5 people for smooth running.
This model can be fully outsourced or run on PPP model, but we need to ensure that we are buying vegetables and fruits preferably from local farmers only. We can give preference to local ones and then to others.

Suggestions and arguments are welcome......

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