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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Making Delhi a Better city

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AAP is doing good work in Delhi at least compared to other parties. Mohalla Clinic is one of the best examples of that. Water and Electricity remains main issue and giving subsidy on these are good steps. But I think we are lagging somewhere. We have to move on from these. We can’t highlight these every time. AAP should show some new work/benefits every time when they go to public.  Maybe we are not connecting to people emotionally. May be we are not doing enough to generate people interest to talk about our work. The BIG question today is what to do to make Delhi what AAP had promised during his campaign.
Can we go for some polls every now and then asking people to come up with ideas to make Delhi- A Better city? Trust me students of India have really great ideas hidden inside them. We should invite them to give suggestion on topics/issues on which they want action. Issues which can connect us emotionally to people or whatever.
We are planning to make Delhi a smart city. Is it possible seeing the current situation in Delhi be it transportation, health, sanitation, education, sewage and etc…
Few ideas that come up in mind which need discussion on bigger platform, if you agree. We can ask people of Delhi to come up and give suggestion to improve on following topics and if they have any other topics.

  • 1.       Som bazaar, Shani Bazaar, mangal bazzar…..
 Pros and Cons of these Bazaar: Is it good to place market on small gali? Do we have better option? Are we getting quality food from these bazaars? Is it not affecting traffic during that period? What about the leftovers after market is over?
  • 2.       Education: I really want to appreciate the work done by Mr Sisodia on this field. Couple of things I need to share if it can be done.
a. Collecting old books from student when they pass and moved on to upper class. This simple step can do wonder. We can really curb corruption between publication house and schools.India is a not a rich country and Expense on child education is huge and this step can really help in saving money for lots of parents.
b.  Curbing heavy bags students carry to school. We need to look towards western countries if they have any better idea. School should have some system to store the books/notepads.
c. There should not be system of giving homework. Students should be encouraged to participate in sports and other activities rather than doing homework at home.

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